Turning Research Into Manuscript

Science is the orderly collection of facts around the world, and scientific research helps in proving those researches. Scientists, however, avoid using the word facts as facts give a feeling of universality and perfectness, and experimental observations are neither of these. A meaningful scientific statement includes observation, and the observation is recorded in a research […]

Tips for handling committee revisions effectively

All the members of the committee have the right and the scope to suggest changes in your dissertation and that leaves you in a situation where you have to accommodate the revisions of four committee members in a satisfactory way in an approximately 150 page document. How can that be done? Here are some useful […]

4 Innovative Tips for a Good Research Paper Title

Traditionally, a research paper title performed the same function as the cover page of a book. It grabbed a reader’s attention, elucidated the content of the research paper in a condensed form, and differentiated your paper from several others that existed in the same field of research. Today however, with the advent of internet libraries, […]

Breaking Through Language Barrier

There is a good news for those facing language barriers while pursuing their research. Technology giant Google recently made an announcement about the launch of an upgraded version of the Google Translate App. This app will now allow instant visual translations of printed text in several languages. Take an easy breath as this also includes […]

Writing Research Papers For Science Projects With Figure Preparation Services

Every individual would have gone through some schooling at some point or another in their research guides, parents, etc. to perform well in their science projects would naturally require the students to design their research papers so well that they would become memorable. People would remember your research paper for years to come. However, it […]

Medical Editing involves 3 Important Aspects

Editing is an important aspect of writing your study. You may have all the information and research-based data analysis to pen down a fantastic study, but the credibility of your efforts will be disapproved if it has mistakes in grammar, spelling, sentence construction, etc. The simple fact is editing is indispensable since it takes into […]

How to Ensure You Are Doing Correct APA Formatting?

The first question in someone’s mind would be what is APA? APA is an acronym of the American Psychological Association. APA format is used in a wide range of disciplines including psychology, social sciences and others. APA format is all about presentation of elements which include spacing, margins and structuring of the content. Basics of […]