A Brief Guide of Scientific Research and Its Formulation

Scientific research refers to the detail analysis of any exploratory topic based on scientific methodologies. It includes in depth subject knowledge, to the point concerns of the study, finding the root cause of the problem on the basis of relevant theories and technologies, cause and its effect relationship, at last communicating the result of the findings.

Key fundamentals of scientific research take account of –

  • Being commonsensical and methodical
  • Well turned-out
  • Repetitive and cyclic
  • Innovative
  • Efficient enough to turn up the small study into the large considerations

With a thorough belonging of all the above fundamentals, scientific research is divided into three main streams –

  • Practical or applied research – It is done by applying all the logical concepts and knowledge of the subject. Its results are practically applicable in the real world.
  • Explanatory or Expounding research – It consists of detail under veining of even small information related to research. All the explanatory approach of study includes – aim of research, its methods and types through a list of concerned questions, interviews and surveys. Its descriptive results help in undertaking further researches.
  • Theoretic research – It gives a base or a foundation for applied research. It solves a problem which originates from the complex situations and is solved mainly through theory based approaches.

Some smart tips for a successful scientific research –

  • Keep it uncomplicated, as its aim is to describe the process of the research and correct end result. Hence, complicated language can confuse the reader.
  • Preference should be given to the first person and passive voice while writing a scientific research method. As, it justifies the reliability and authenticity of the result more.
  • Never use phrases or jargons as it is scientific research not creative writing. Therefore, it should be limited only up to the point.

Thus, all the above information relates together to form a complete guide of scientific research.

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