Adding the right figures in your research paper

Scientific research papers are all about vital information and using the right words. However, many times, in order to break the monotony of words and add some interesting visual elements in your paper, figures play an important role. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is completely true in the case of your research paper. If you can use a picture that will explain your concept in a better way, you can do so easily using the right graphics or charts in your paper. However, it is important to choose the right figure if you want to create the right impact.

Also, while submitting a scientific research paper, it is important to label the image correctly and ensure that the dimensions and resolution of the picture complies with the guidelines specified by the journal. You can add images, graphics, diagrams and charts in your research paper. The best way to determine which will suit the concept perfectly is to think from the reader’s point of view. If you were the reader, which figure would best explain the concept to you? Think about this and start including the best possible figures in your work.

When you are adding figures, make sure you don’t go overboard with them. You need to maintain the word count in your paper and if you try to explain everything with a figure, you will not be able to meet the required word count. Plus, too many figures might make it seem like you were lazy to write and therefore, you have only filled your paper with figures everywhere. Maintain the right balance between figures and text to make your paper stand out from the crowd and get it published in no time!

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