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Tips for handling committee revisions effectively

All the members of the committee have the right and the scope to suggest changes in your dissertation and that leaves you in a situation where you have to accommodate the revisions of four committee members in a satisfactory way in an approximately 150 page document. How can that be done? Here are some useful […]

Medical Editing involves 3 Important Aspects

Editing is an important aspect of writing your study. You may have all the information and research-based data analysis to pen down a fantastic study, but the credibility of your efforts will be disapproved if it has mistakes in grammar, spelling, sentence construction, etc. The simple fact is editing is indispensable since it takes into […]

Go International with a Big Bang!

Authors have a good life and they do something for a living that they truly enjoy. All they need is some inspiration and ideas to write a master piece, after which they can just sit back and relax until a new idea strikes. When you aspire to be an author and feel the need to […]

Formula for Editing Chemistry Research Reports

Chemistry is a complicated subject. It can be a pain for some students and highly interesting for others. If you are writing a research paper on the subject, then you must be immensely interested in it. You have to be very cautious while writing and revising the assignments for chemistry. A slight mistake in the […]