Write in Your Own Voice - The Key to a Successful PhD Research

Writing a research manuscript is not the simplest thing for sure. Having drafted some part of it, you will find yourself struggling to organise your thoughts in a simpler form. All the ideas that you would be researching and writing would come t ..Read More

Plagiarism Offence: Here is How You Can Avoid It

Plagiarism or academic dishonesty is common in the PhD world. Many scholars represent someone's ideas as their own original ideas. Plagiarism can throw you out of a research centre and revoke your degree. You know that as long as the idea is not ..Read More

Important scaling techniques

The scaling techniques are used in the context of research more importantly in relation to social or business research. The traits of a person or features of any particular thing involve a vivid description thus constituting the rating scale. Whil ..Read More

Why Conferences are more important than Journals?

Research in any academic domain across the world all the time calls for collaboration, so that conjugation and overlap of more than one areas can bring forth more significant results from a research based study, which may not be possible on the part ..Read More

Reasons for rejection of a journal article

One of the biggest setbacks for young authors is the non-acceptance of their research papers by a journal publishing house. But it is perhaps something that is common to every single academician. Although this may not be comforting, it is important t ..Read More

Polishing your prose through expert editing

Errors in a document distract the meaning of the content, leading to ambiguity in the minds of the readers. Editing is thus an essential tool that eliminates all the inaccuracies and diversions from the context enabling a smooth flow of meaning. It i ..Read More

Implications of research in the 21st century and building competencies

The drastic changes in the global environment aggravated by technological advancements in collecting data, its analysis and dissemination suggest that researchers need to enlarge their scope of capabilities in order to design, implement and interpret ..Read More

Getting the most from your reading

A great amount of time is devoted to reading lot of literature during the early stages of research work. Therefore, while reading the existing literature the researcher should try to do the following: The researcher should try to take good notes i ..Read More


It is case study analysis that aims to produce an in-depth examination of a single case in regard to which they engage in a theoretical analysis. The main issue in which the researcher engages is the quality of the theoretical reasoning. However, ..Read More


What role does values play in the research process has become a topic of concern? The following are the areas around which the ethical issues revolve: How should the people be treated on whom the research is conducted? Should such activities be ..Read More

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