How to edit an English language paper

1Writing a scientific paper is a tough and challenging task. It requires thorough research, strong determination and ability to work through stress. It also requires a great command over the English language if you have to submit your manuscript in English. Many scholars who are not well-versed with the English language or who have troubles in writing effectively in English face major issues while submitting their manuscript. Even though their paper idea is brilliant, research path is correct and the hypothesis is achievable, they fail to impress the panel simply because of the language errors. Since manuscripts have to be perfect in terms of language, editing, grammar and vocabulary, scholars need to pay careful attention to their words and sentences to get them a green signal for their manuscript.

How you can improve your language skills:

Even before you start writing your paper, start reading; not just relevant matter for your paper, but you can read anything and everything in English that will support your language skills. Understand the grammar used and try to implement it in your paper. You can also undertake some online course that helps with grammar so that you don’t suffer in the last few days of your dissertation. Dedicate an hour every day to improvise on your language and you will surely succeed by the time of submission.

Checking your paper:

Before you submit your paper, check for the following points:

Vocabulary: Use of in required jargons and technical words may make your paper sound big but it is a big drawback when it comes to selecting your paper. Thoroughly assess the words and the vocabulary to ensure each word serves the purpose in your paper.

Grammar and spell-check: Manually check for grammatical and spelling errors in each word and sentence that you may have missed while writing. This ensures a flawless academic document and increases your chances of getting published.

Sentence Structure: Having a smooth flow of sentences is important to make it easy for the reader. Re-check your content for better structure and sentence formations.

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