How to Ensure You Are Doing Correct APA Formatting?

The first question in someone’s mind would be what is APA? APA is an acronym of the American Psychological Association. APA format is used in a wide range of disciplines including psychology, social sciences and others. APA format is all about presentation of elements which include spacing, margins and structuring of the content.

Basics of an APA Format

• There should be uniform margins at the top, bottom, left and right and the margins should be at least 1inch at every side.
• The paper should be double-spaced.
• Every page should have the page number in the top right corner.
• The title page should have the title of your paper, your name and the institution name.
• You should include a reference list at the end and also refer the particular statement you copied from other papers. It is important to refer your matter from where you copied otherwise it is all plagiarized.

Tips to Write an Essay in APA Format

It is very important to follow a certain format to ensure that your paper will be accepted and get published in renowned journal or conference and in today’s world some of the famous journals and conferences demand the paper in APA format. Some of the tips are given below which ensures that your paper is in the APA format:

Start by choosing a good topic- A good topic doesn’t mean that topic should be taken from the moon. It is all about selecting a topic which provides you a better understanding of making something new and gets selected in one go. It doesn’t mean that you choose too specific to get help from the online resources or outside help if you get stuck in between.

Start your research as early as possible- It is quite important to start looking for your material as soon as possible and if you get stuck somewhere in the middle, do clear your doubts from your mentor.

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