Topics For Medical Research

The field of medicine and related studies is a vital part of scientific research domain. Medical scholars have a wide choice when it comes to specializing in a particular field, since there are myriad aspects which are covered under this domain. Some of the traditional facets are nursing, medicine, pathological studies and pharmaceutical studies. The more recent branches that are popular with scholars include biomedical research, psychotherapy, genetics, prosthesis, biostatistics, therapeutic science, microbiology, neuroscience, radiobiology and toxicology. As new findings are taking place, more sophisticated and advanced fields of specialization are emerging. Whatever be the branch chosen by a scholar, the aim must be to conduct an honest and fruitful research which will benefit the society at large and yield reliable results.


Here are some aspects around which scholars can form research topics:

  • Addictions and drug abuse: how to help patients
  • Allergies: why they happen and how to treat
  • Alzheimer’s: the problem and possible solutions Child and adolescent behavioral research Hypertension and sleep disorders in children
  • Parkinson’s: its relation to age and medications Anesthesiology and its role Preventive cardiology and reasons for heart diseases Feasibility of organ replacement surgeries Increasing instances of mobility disorders
  • Neurosurgery: tumors and other ailments Clinical research
  • Diabetics: role of genetics and lifestyle
  • Increasing problems in conception and child birth
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Respiratory problems in pre mature and newborn babies
  • Prevention and control of cancer: viral oncology
  • Sequencing of genes and factors that control them
  • Cell engineering

The topic of research must be chosen according to the interest and knowledge of the researcher. The field of specialization determines the topic to a large extent. However, scholars must also consider the availability of resources and data. Medical research may need large amounts of data and people are often reluctant to share the same. Also, researchers may need to spend considerable time with patients and observe the participants. The viability of such observation for data collection must be considered.


Approvals and clearances are often required from many related organizations, whether they are in government domain or private. Finally, the cost and time involved for completion of the study are major factors that will impact the choice of topic. For some topics, high end equipments are required, which may not be possible to acquire. The final topics must be chosen after contemplating all these factors and doing a thorough groundwork.

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