Research Methodologies Used in Scientific Research Writing

Scientific research is based on determining cause and effect relationship between some unsolved and logical issues of study. Academic based scientific research focuses on the concerned topic, its critical analysis and alliance of theoretical and practical knowledge through experimentation to weave out the result. Mostly a scientific research, mull over an hour glass effect which starts from broader expects of questioning and investigating and ends up at narrowing down to the focused content and findings. There are many research methodologies used in scientific research, writing which follow the same trail to mend the findings. These are as follows –

  • Experimentation method – This includes simple experiments, including independent and dependent variables of the recorded data and interpreting the influence of different variables on the result. Although the experimentation method is time consuming and costly, but in the case of scientific research it lays the strongest foundation and true result.
  • Observation method – This is a compilation of various research methods where researchers reach up to the conclusion just by observing the changing phenomenon’s of different studies without interpreting much. Observational methods are most applicable in anthropology, social science and behavioral science. It never explains the quantitative expect and can’t be fallacious ever.
  • Estimation method – Estimation method is suitable mainly for quantitative data collection. Interval or ordinal scale of measurement is used here to serve the purpose. Estimation method is cheap and easy, it is convenient enough as it shows a track for quantifying intensity of formulation and measurement.
  • Hypothetical method – Hypothetical method includes prediction of thought and conditions, then testing the predictions and finally stimulation of the hypothesis and the result. A hypothetical method is mainly used where there is a large scale data variation and sample size could be usually big.

Hence, above research methodologies are used widely almost for all the means of scientific researches.

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