When Crafting a Research Manuscript, Remember

Research manuscript is a crucial document, not only for the researcher, but also for the subject or area of study, and the society. It was the foremost aim of the research to find a way out for an existing significant problem or situation in the society. It is therefore paramount to create a well-formatted, detailed report or manuscript that can be used further for studies in your subject. Though, you are given loads of instructions and dos and don’ts lists for research paper writing, but, being a detailed endeavour, manuscript writing becomes tiring and baffling. Here are a few pieces of advice that help you make your manuscript error free –

Maintain Notes – It is recommendable to maintain notes from the very first day of your research assignment. You should note down everything that you think could be of your use. It will help you stay close to small details, without giving them a miss. Additionally, it would work as a handy source during research paper writing.

Understand Your Research – Before you start working on your research assignment, it is advisable to understand your subject and topic. If you are puzzled with the complexity of the topic, it would be better to choose a different topic. To prepare comprehensive manuscripts, you need to understand your area of research. If not, your paper may face a rejection or low grades.

Formatting – The appearance. Your manuscript, apart from detailed contents, should be set in a proper format or layout. Follow the formatting instructions suggested by your professor(s). The referencing, font, margin, footnote, and side notes should be placed wherever required, as per the university guidance. Every text has three steps – into – explanation – conclusion. Introduce your research (topic) in an interesting way; use supporting facts and sources for your explanations; and bring it to a more interesting conclusion.

Further, do not forget to add a summary and bibliography in your manuscript. You should also maintain the same style of writing throughout the manuscript.

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