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English Language Editing Services for Journal Papers

The quality of language plays a critical role in determining the success of your academic work. If you have failed to use proper scholarly language and your manuscript is strewn with casual terms, wrong spellings or unnecessary jargon, then the reviewers will not be impressed. Despite presenting a thorough research, you will lose out on the chance to get published. Hence, it is pertinent to have your paper checked by professional editors before submission.

We at ELK Scientific Editing have a team of native English speaking editors, who have ample experience of improving academic documents. The editors hold PhD or masters degrees from leading universities and have also been associated with international journals. They are, thus, completely aware about the quality of language expected by scientific publications.

The English Language Editing services includes an examination of the following:

  • Vocabulary: Making the vocabulary rich, and yet keeping it simple enough for target readers is a skill that our editors have. They remove frivolous words and colloquial terms, which authors often use. The use of jargons and technical terms is also assessed.
  • Grammar: Several aspects like tenses, verbs, number agreement, modifiers, etc. are checked and corrected to ensure grammatical accuracy. Wrong grammar can change the meaning of sentences.
  • Structure: Having proper sentence structure is important. We also check the logical flow and length of the paragraphs, as well as structure of each section of the manuscript.
  • Spellings: Manual check is done for each word in the manuscript so that there are no wrong spellings.

Send us your paper and we will assign the most suitable editor according to your field of study. The time taken for editing and the pricing will depend on the length of the paper as well as scope for editing.

We assure that the manuscript English editing services we offer will considerably improve the quality of your document. However, we do not guarantee publication as the decision to accept a manuscript is based on many factors and is the prerogative of the journal editors. Nonetheless, we undertake to provide free of cost revision if the paper has been rejected because of language flaws or if the editing quality does not meet your expectations.

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