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Manuscript Formatting Services

A manuscript that is submitted to a journal must follow the formatting rules that are laid down by the concerned publication. We offer Manuscript Formatting service, which is provided by a team that has thorough knowledge about all the formatting styles. Some of them are:

  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • ACS (American Chemical Society)
  • AIP (American Institute of Physics)
  • AMA (American Medical Association)
  • AMS (American Mathematical Society)
  • AAA (American Anthropological Association)

In case you need any other style to be followed for formatting, please specify the same at the time of placing the order and we will do our best to comply with it.

There are a number of factors that are considered for formatting. Our Manuscript formatting services is comprehensive and includes a check for:

  • Citations throughout the manuscript
  • Width of margins
  • Font and presentation style for headers and sub headers
  • Spacing between words
  • Indention of paragraphs
  • Layout of sections
  • Labeling and placement for illustrations and graphs
  • Reference list (order, layout and citation)

With such coverage, it is natural that our clients are satisfied with our manuscript formatting services. Send us your manuscripts and let our experts handle the formatting issues.

We assure that the services we offer will considerably improve the quality of your document. However, we do not guarantee publication as the decision to accept a manuscript is based on many factors and is the prerogative of the journal editors. Nonetheless, we promise to provide free of cost revision if there the formatting is not done to your satisfaction or if we have missed out any part.

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