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Manuscript Translation Services

There are several authors, who write research papers in languages other than English. Naturally, being more proficient in their native language, they want to express their thoughts in the same medium. These papers are often published in local journals and might be worthy of international acclaim. However, since most international journals are in English, the language barrier becomes a challenge for these authors.

If you have got the talent and acumen, our language translation service team will help you reach the zenith by providing outstanding translation services. We cover a wide range of languages for translation. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, German and French are some important languages that we cater to. There are a host of other languages that we translate and you have to contact our Manuscript Translation service executives to know about inclusion of a specific language. We also offer reverse translation, i.e. from English to another language.

The team that provides research paper translation services has language experts, who are supported by editors and subject matter experts. Together, they ensure that the essence of the matter is not changed at all while translating, all facts and statements remain intact and there is no grammatical or language error.

All you need to do is send your manuscript to us and state any specific requirements, as well as the target journal. We will translate the content accordingly and ensure that the manuscript is ready for publication.

We assure that the Manuscript Translation services we offer will considerably improve the quality of your document. However, we do not guarantee publication as the decision to accept a manuscript is based on many factors and is the prerogative of the journal editors. Nonetheless, we will do a revision without any charges if there is any error found in the translated document.

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