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ELK Scientific Editing is a vertical of ELK Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd., and it serves as your partner in helping you get published in international, high impact factor journals. Having served clients from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Germany, and more than 80 other countries, ELK Scientific Editing is now one of the world’s leading firms that help research scholars get their manuscripts published.

Whether you are working on a physics paper or a medical research manuscript, we help you in all academic domains. Starting from the review of your manuscript to its submission in a reputed journal, we manage every aspect of paper publishing with dedication and efficiency. You can rely on our team of professionals who are experts in varied study areas and have years of experience working with popular publication houses. Thus, we guide you in the right direction so you only move towards successful publication. Read More



Publishing Ethics

Excel in this fiddly world of publishing ethics with the industry's top manuscript publishing tips.


Selecting a Journal

Choose the right journal f and make your magnum opus available to the research community.


How to write paper

Know how to develop manuscript that makes a significant contribution to your field of study.


Artwork and Formatting

Include visually appealing elements and enhance the overall understanding of the data.



Final Checklist

Ensure your research paper is submission ready by checking for minor language aspects that make a big difference.


Cover Letter

Get unmatched assistance from our experts in developing a cover letter that speaks for your research.


Peer Review

Obtain constructive feedback from the subject-matter experts & improve the chances of manuscript approval.



Impact Factor

Know more about journal impact factor and choose the most suitable journal for your paper.


Citation Guide

Have previews on the citation styles that aims to present the source of information in your paper.


Word Templates

Get access to templates and format your paper as per the journal’s specific requirements.

Our services are comprehensive, and these include the translation work from all major languages to English and vice versa

As well as editing for experienced authors, multiple round editing, formatting. We not only offer these services for your manuscript, but also for support documents like cover letters and response letters. Our services also include graphic designing/art work, finding suitable journals with respect to your area of study, submitting your manuscript to those journals, tracking the progress of submitted papers, and editing and revising research papers as per the feedback received from reviewers.

From serving ESL scholars and scientists to journal publishers and universities, we have been assisting all types of researchers in getting published.You should prefer our services, as we extend custom support to you after understanding your entire research project and assessing your needs. We can help you develop such research papers that have high chances of being approved in the first go from journal editors and reviewers. With our timely assistance, knowledgeable experts, and high-quality solutions, you can save your time and efforts in getting published faster. We assure you complete confidentiality while availing services from us.


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Our services can be customized to your requirements. We not only offer medical and scientific writing help, but also provide end-to-end publication support in all academic domains. We are open 24x7 and complete our services on or before the committed dates to ensure that your research publication process is accelerated. Our strong operational systems and quick response team ensure that all your queries are resolved well within time. With our latest technological and communication tools, our client service representatives are able to resolve all your issues and concerns on an immediate basis.

Whether it is about correcting your paper for grammatical and formatting errors or finding the right journal for you, we handle it all with complete accuracy and credibility. Our translation and language polishing services have even helped ESL scholars disseminate their research worldwide and getting recognized.

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In spite of scientific and factual accuracy, my paper was getting rejected. I sent it for proofreading and later realized that there were many typo and spelling errors. I will use your service for further work too. Thanks a ton!

Name Royce Mayberry (USA)

The best way of removing frustrating language barriers is to get a research paper edited by English language experts, as I did with ELK Scientific Editing. Their editors can really help ESL writers get published in leading journals.

Name Fatin Hajjar (UAE)

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To know more about our services and operations, navigate through our website or simply send us an email at info@elkscientificediting.com. Our representatives will be happy to assist you with your query and provide the required information.