About ELK Scientific Editing

Our Operations and Goals

A unit of ELK Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd, ELK Scientific Editing is our online platform dedicated to helping authors get published with top international journals. At ELK Scientific Editing, we focus on helping authors and research scholars through our editing, formatting, and proofreading services for their research papers so their work has higher chances of immediate approval. We also assist them in selecting the right and relevant journals to which they can submit their work, as well as help them submit their manuscripts to scores of carefully chosen journals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create such a support system that provides free resources, as well as expert-level services of translation and editing to authors in order to improve the quality of their research papers being published. Apart from this, we aim at supporting scholars at all stages of paper submission through our services of peer review, creation of support documents, and artwork or graphic design. Our ultimate goal is to take away the paper publishing stress of PhD scholars and researchers while saving on their efforts and time by delivering the right support solutions at the right time.

Our Team of Professionals

To attain this aim, we have an in-house team of editors and proofreaders who have the required skills, experience, and inclination to make every submission unblemished. Almost all of our team members have PhD qualifications in their respective fields, and they are subject matter experts with minimum two publications in high impact factor journals. Moreover, they are native English speakers and have an in-depth understanding of formal English required for journal papers.

Our editors and proofreaders offer timely help to students when they need to do multitasking and have an urgent requirement of assistance from a professional who has specialized knowledge in their subject area, as well as the experience of paper publishing. Our experts are trained in extensive research and know the intricacies of the entire process. They can help in mending client documents to near perfection and deliver reader-oriented content that is clear and logical. Some of our professionals have done peer review at several publication houses, and thus, they can offer expert comments to students for paper enhancement in a substantial and significant manner.

Our Major Achievement

ELK Scientific Editing was an initiative taken in 2010 by Puneet Chadha, and since then, the firm has become the world’s largest scientific editing service provider that has completed the editing of more than 14,000 manuscripts as of date. Thus, within a very short time, we have gained the trust and credibility that every scholar expects from an expert service provider.

As soon as students enter the publishing phase of research, they can rely on our guidance and help, be it for the selection of a reputed journal and editing of their manuscripts or for the writing of their abstracts and cover letters. We guarantee to deliver their papers well in time so they can meet their submission deadlines and publish as early as possible. You can reach out to the senior management of our company or talk to our representatives regarding your queries and services requirements by writing an email at info@elkscientificediting.com.