At ELK Scientific Editing Work Culture

Harmonious culture is the basis of existence of an organization. We, at ELK Scientific Editing , follow a collaborative approach that makes us a growing entity. The editors associated with ELK Scientific Editing have the flexible option of being in their limits with regards to assignments they can manage and the number of hours they can put in. We make our employees enjoy their work and not feel overburdened. In addition, we provide them all basic HR benefits that they expect from a reputed organization.

Our Belief

We believe in the mutual growth and development of employees and the organization. Thus, we offer a work supportive atmosphere at ELK Scientific Editing . Once associated with us, you certainly can walk through the pavement to growth with convenient efforts being involved.Covering all the phases starting from the proofreading to the editing and formatting of journal papers and articles.

Our Offerings

We offer services to our clients even for the selection of an appropriate and impactful journal. To accomplish these functions, we are always in need of competent and well-qualified personnel who have ideal educational degrees and are published authors. We recruit people from diverse subject backgrounds and carrying the expertise in their areas of study. These areas include medical sciences, law, humanities, literature, social sciences, statistics, IT, and many more.

Those who are willing to apply must possess

  • A recognized Master’s degree or PhD degree from an institute of repute
  • Prior association with any university press or any publication house with relevant experience of more than five years
  • Expertise in their own stream of subject
  • Should possess at least two publications in an international, peer reviewed journal
  • Awareness of the general formatting and editing practices of journals
  • Ability to assist PhD research scholars and zeal to work on assignments