Frequently Asked Questions

I have some urgent queries to be resolved. What is the best way to contact your support team?

We offer quick and detailed email replies. If you are using our service for the first time, then email us at; if you are a repeat customer, then write to us at

Who will edit my paper?

Your papers will be edited by subject matter experts who specialize in your field. They will also be native English language experts who know the style of writing required for academic journals. All our editors have relevant experience of editing and formatting journal papers and manuscripts.

Is it possible to ask for re-edits?

Yes, we do re-edits for documents that we have edited. In case you give a feedback-based order for a re-edit within 30 days of delivery of the first edited draft, we will do the re-edit without any extra cost. In case you come back for a re-edit after 30 days, then our service will be chargeable. For this, you will need to provide the complete feedback that you have received from a journal publisher.

How do you ensure plagiarism-free papers?

At ELK Scientific Editing , your paper will be assessed through plagiarism checking tools. Plagiarism will be removed and the plagiarized matter will be marked at additional cost. Our plagiarism removal service is not included in the editing service we offer.

Can I combine an editing task and a translation job order?

Yes, you can combine the order placed for the editing and translation of a journal paper. Please have a look at various packages designed by us to know about the combinations already available. In case you do not find a suitable package, we will customize the order for you.

Is it necessary to send a request for getting a price quote?

With our easy-to-use price calculator and detailed price chart available for reference, you do not need to send a request for a personalized quote. You can simply enter the details of your order in the calculator and know the price for your assignment.

Would you check the length of my paper and do a statistical assessment?

The length of your journal paper will be edited and shortened only if you ask for the same in your order. You will need to mention the desired word count. The length will be curtailed accordingly, without removing anything important.

We do the revision of statistical parts of a paper, if specifically asked for. We have PhD statisticians who check the sanctity of tools and programs used and the validity of results. We also check the presentation style for inferences so these remain in the correct format.

Do I get a guarantee that my paper will be published?

Since publishing a paper is the subjective decision that is completely in the hands of the editorial board of a journal, we do not give a guarantee for having it published. However, if it is rejected due to flaws in structure, grammar and language, then we will re-edit it to remove the same, without any extra charges.

Are holidays included in your turnaround time?

Leaves are not included in our turnaround time stated for any editing/proofreading/translation task.

Is the information that I share with your company safe?

We ensure 100% safety of the research work you send us. Once you email us your documents, they are shared only with our editors or translators who work on your project. For more details, see our page on data security.

How is your formatting service beneficial for journal papers?

When you aim to get your paper published in a reputed academic journal, you need to have it formatted so it suits the style required by the targeted journal. You must specify the formatting style required, and we will ensure that it has flawless structure, citations, and references.

What is the maximum length of papers that you accept for editing?

We do not place any limits on the length of a paper that you can send us for editing and formatting. The time taken for any task and the price charged is determined by the length of your paper. Thus, you need to mention the word count of the document that you are sending us when you place the order.

Can I submit a part of my paper to be edited or formatted?

Yes, you can send us a portion of your journal paper or manuscript to be edited or formatted. If you wish to have just a section of your paper worked upon, then we can do so too.

Will I get support for choosing a target journal?

Yes, we do offer mentoring for choosing a journal, according to their impact factor, the rating that they receive, your domain of specialization, and the readership that you are targeting. For availing such help, you will need to send your draft paper to our team.

If you have not found what you were looking for in our FAQ section, then send us an email at We will get back to your with the required information.