Artwork Help for Scientific Manuscripts

Graphics and artwork speak much more about your research than some simple text can do. However, not all research students are adept at dealing with artwork. If you feel that you need to add a zing to your research paper, then take it ahead of common manuscripts. Present your work using interesting diagrams, charts, graphs, figures, and other graphic elements. This can appeal the journal editors or reviewers and add value when your work is being evaluated for being approved for publishing.

Creativity and innovation at the core

If you require professional assistance with mending your graphics, getting some diagrams created, or even adjusting some properties of your graphics, then do not feel helpless. We, at ELK Scientific Editing, offer a bouquet of creative and innovative artwork design services to enhance the presentation and quality of your manuscripts. With an associated team of process-driven and tech-savvy designers, we pack a lot of expertise into your report and offer you renovated and appreciable work.

Customized graphics/infographics

Your research is not restricted to textual and numerical content. The quality of the artwork used directly affects the essence and richness of your published article. Our cost-saving techniques, out-of-the-box thinking, and quality infrastructure are driven by a strong team possessing core expertise and hands-on experience in editing scientific manuscripts for the artwork. Keeping the target journal's guidelines in mind, we seek to provide customized artwork editing and enrichment service. Our artwork help for scientific manuscripts is aimed at delivering innovative graphics and infographics to research scholars.

Scope of Our Service

The broad spectrum of our artwork design service outlines the following key areas:
  • Figure format selection per the specifications of the targeted journal
  • Vector graphics improvisation with the use of Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), the most preferred graphic file format
  • Image resolution adjustment as per the guidelines of the targeted journal
  • Figure caption and number sequential arrangement
  • Color illustrations using CMYK and RGB
  • File size alteration for acceptance by the journal publishers
  • Figure placement to fit the column width

With our cutting-edge support and efficient workflow system

we can even serve you under tight deadlines. Our artwork help for scientific manuscripts reaches you well in time and keeps you ahead of your submission deadlines. To give a graphic edit to your existing figures or to create new ones, feel free to contact our graphic designers at