Cover Letter Writing Service

A cover letter is the essence of your research paper. This is because it highlights the significance of your research and emphasizes on the major factors that will pull the attention of your target readers. It shows how your research work can contribute to your academic domain. Considering the importance of this document, it is essential that you take professional cover letter writing service if you are unsure of constructing a strong and impressive letter to accompany your paper.

How We Help in Drafting a Persuasive Cover Letter

If your chosen journal has instructed to prepare a cover letter for your manuscript, then we can make your task easier through our cover letter writing service. Assisting students in all academic domains,ELK Scientific Editing provides support for writing an influential cover letter for articles and journal papers. This is how we support you:

  • Every research study carries a responsibility when added as a knowledgeable resource. To present the "need to have" factor, our professional writers will prepare a cover letter that would suffice in itself when it comes to displaying your study‚Äôs significance. It will clarify the merits of publishing a paper and the good it can do to the academic world.
  • Additionally, our writers work per the desired format and style of your targeted journals. Thus, it ensures adherence to the guidelines mentioned by these journals and well opens the scope of acceptance.
  • Your cover letter will contain the names of reviewers and will acknowledge people who have contributed to your research work. The principle research statement and any declarations that need to be given for your research will also be mentioned in your letter.
  • Our writers make sure to create a crisp and persuasive cover letter that can motivate journal editors to review your manuscript. Our detail-oriented writers can give you a flawless letter that is free of linguistic and formatting mistakes.
  • We design accurate cover letters that do not display any inconsistency and only present the facts about your study.
  • We make sure that all the needed disclosures and statements are enclosed with your cover letter. Thus, we only work on your letter after considering the specific requirements of your chosen journal. You can also be assured of receiving the required feedback on your work from our side.
  • We prepare your cover letter according to the recommended format for its drafting. With us, you can be sure of submitting a structured and organized letter along with your paper.

To convey a fair idea of the contents and value of your research paper, a cover letter is a crucial segment of being published. You can take a smart step by getting it drafted by professionals who are experienced enough to develop an eye-catchy letter. You can even submit any of your supporting documents with such content, pictures, graphs, tables, etc. that can help to enhance the outlook of your letter. In case your submission has faced rejection from a journal editor in concern with a cover letter, you may also share the details with us so we can keep your experiences in mind while drafting your cover letter. Get in touch with us at