Journal Paper Formatting Services

The documentation of an academic report and a journal paper might be very different to each other as a journal paper has to be framed per the guidelines of the targeted journal. Maintaining the correct layout of a journal paper is quite a laborious job but significant enough. ELK Scientific Editing can offer a hand of support in formatting your paper so you could be assured of its approval. Read on to know about our Journal Paper Formatting Services.

Do You Need Formatting or Proofreading?

Many scholars have a dilemma whether they should go for formatting services or proofreading. To clarify on the matter, let us inform that you require proofreading assistance when you also want to get your work checked on basic linguistic errors too. Formatting does not cover that element and only focuses on the overall content format.

This is how we deliver you a startling result

At ELK Scientific Editing, the aim of our Journal Paper Formatting Services and Manuscript Formatting Services is to correct the errors of format that occur suddenly or unknowingly. It is an extremely difficult task to format the entire document or content while drafting your manuscript or journal paper. Thus, professional formatting assistance can enhance the visual appeal of your document and make it look well presentable. Our formatting help can also make you comply with the format guidelines provided by your chosen journal.

The formatting of a paper generally covers the correction
work on the following points

  • Layout of paragraphs and headings/sub-headings
  • Orderly structure of different sections
  • Margins and spacing
  • Relevance and format of references/citations mentioned
  • Style of bibliography
  • Formatting of visual components like figures, charts, illustrations, graphs, tables, etc., while checking their sequential view and labeling
  • Overall text alignment and page margins
  • Paper size and page numbering
  • Bulleting and numbering
  • Indentation and font size/style

We take care of all the mentioned aspects and more.

We format the text considering any binding requirements for your paper, if applicable. We target to improve your paper per the expectations of journal editors so it can enhance the readability and add to its overall appeal. Our Manuscript Formatting Services have widespread acknowledgement in various domains like pure science, medicine, law, literature, information technology, and social science.

You may also avail our service by sending us your draft paper with the details of the targeted journal and the particular style format that the journal refers to. To know about the pricing and processes of our services for the formatting of journal papers, write to us at and contact our service managers now.

Our Price Chart

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Word Count Deadline price
0-4000 2 business day $110
4001-8000 4 business day $200
8001-12000 4-10 business day $390
Above-120001 On Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Our manuscript formatting services have widespread acknowledgement in various domains like, science, medicine, law, social science, literature, etc.

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