Why to Get Your Paper Edited

When you have to get your research work published in a high impact factor journal, you require an interesting and contributory work that is well presented too. If your manuscript is unable to impress your journal editors or reviewers, then they are not going to read it further. Thus, it is necessary that you get your work professionally edited so you can have a zero-error paper that can impress your target readers.

Journal Paper Editing Services

Journal paper editing services are critical not only to make your content look neat and tidy, but also free of every single linguistic and formatting error. In addition, your work must add some value to the knowledge of your readers or give them something eye-catchy and appealing to read. This can be possible when a professional editor checks your view from a neutral perspective and provides valuable suggestions to make improvement in your content. Journal & Manuscript Editing Services can also make your work compliant with every format or style guideline that your journal has provided.

How Our Editing Services Add Value to Your Work

To get published, only a flawless article is demanded from an author. The team of editors at ELK Scientific Editing has the zeal and expertise not only in the subject matter but also in English language. They not only have the knowledge of native English rules, but also have the awareness of all academic writing styles like APA, Harvard, Chicago, and others. This helps our editors in making your work compliant with the style or format you’re your journal asks you to follow.

In addition, our editors make your work structured and organized.

They polish your language, as well as make your manuscript concise and well woven.
Our editors further keep a fixed yet detailed vision while editing your paper so as to ensure its accuracy, Which is determined by the following points:

  • It should be either US English or British English while presenting the formal aspects of language.
  • The technical terminology and academic vocabulary should be used for the prescribed domain with coherence to study specifications.
  • The logical structuring of an entire document should be focused on the setup of its sections, as well as paragraphs and sentences.
  • The meaningfulness of a paper should be screened by looking at the important criteria like grammar, verb agreement, tenses, prepositions, punctuations, and spacing.
  • Citation style is one factor that has to be compliant with the guidelines of the particular journal you want your paper to be published in. Additionally, its consistency needs to be taken care of.

What Our Premium Editing Package Offers

Generally, students consider our basic editing service, as they feel pacified with the above parameters of assessment. However, many of them eventually look for rather more advanced scrutiny of their papers so as to gather more confidence. For all such students, we have designed a special package called the Premium Editing Package.

In addition to the above features, this package has additional check points, including the following:

  • Headings, titles, margins, and page setup are the basis of a presentable paper. Thus, a proper check is done for the same.
  • A thorough screening of the sequential format of tables, charts, and pictures is done in accordance with the series in which they appear in a paper.
  • We check if relevant facts are precise or not.
  • The data and results are verified to be viable and justifiable.
  • References in fair numbers are verified to be available.
  • The format of bibliography is checked.

The Feedback/Revision Process under Journal Paper Editing Services

Under any editing service you avail: Journal or Manuscript Editing Services, you will get a detailed report made by our editors regarding your paper, along with a number of comments indicating the changes to be done. The comments from our editors may vary as per the conclusions drawn from your paper, which could be regarding the improvement of language, presentation, or references. We also welcome your feedback once you make the changes as per the suggestions provided by our editors.

If you still need additional support or a re-edit, then we will surely consider your request in a valid case. You can post an enquiry regarding our editing service by contacting our client relationship team at info@elkscientificediting.com.

When you send us your paper, we will assign it to an editor who has expertise in your study domain. Our editor can well adapt with your technical terminologies, as well as the intricacies of subject matter. Thus, they can do accurate fact checking or correction while editing your work. Hence, you can be confident about the quality of editing. Choose the package that suits you and place your order now.

Our Price Chart

Have a look at ELK’s surge pricing and deadlines.

Word Count Deadline price
0-4000 2 business day $110
4001-8000 4 business day $200
8001-12000 4-10 business day $390
Above-120001 On Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ELK editing service ensures that only an expert editor works on document. Our editors are subject-matter experts with huge experience in research and editing.

We place a lot of weight in subject-area expertise. Our team comprises of PhDs, MDs, Post Graduates, and peer reviewers. Depending upon their academic excellence & professional experience, our editors work has been categorised.

No. It will depend upon the package that you chose. We have three different categories divided with affordable and effective workshine. So, you afford it wisely.

To know more about our services and operations, navigate through our website or simply send us an email at info@elkscientificediting.com. Our representatives will be happy to assist you with your query and provide the required information.