Journal Selection Services

The primary step in paper publishing is the selection of the most suitable journal for submitting your paper. You can also call this the first step of getting your research work published. As every scholar wants to be acknowledged for his/her work by a reputed publication and wants to draw the attention of target readers, it becomes a priority to choose the right place to get published.

ELK Scientific Editing helps you at this very first and crucial
stage through its journal selection services, while
considering the following factors

  • The impact of journals available in your study area: You can know about the popularity and quality of a journal by its impact factor. Thus, we only choose high impact factor journals after evaluation and comparisons. This makes your work more credible and gives it a wider reach.
  • The cost of publishing in a journal and its procedure of publication: While we focus on quality, we also find journals that do not charge an exuberant fee. Additionally, we ensure that the publication process of a journal is smoother with easier modes of submission.
  • Publication frequency and time check: We check the time taken and the frequency of publishing articles by a journal to know how soon you can get your paper published.
  • The subject area: We check the subject area a journal pertains to. It is critical that your subject is covered by a journal. Else, it makes no sense to submit your work to it.
  • Scope of publication: We check whether your manuscript is an article, a full-length research paper, or a review. This helps us in assessing the scope and possibility of your work to get published in a specific journal. We choose such journals for you that publish your type of studies.
  • The target audience: It is important to determine the target audience of chosen journals. Your target audience should match it if you have to reach the right audience.
  • Indexing and access type: Journal indexation can disseminate information at a broader level. The same happens when a journal provides open access to readers. Thus, we choose a journal based on these criteria too.

Choose the best, but also save the rest!

With the above considerations, we shortlist two to three journals that can be the most appropriate ones for your subject matter and your targeted audience. We inform you about the pros and cons of sending your manuscript to each one of them. To be on a safer side, we keep a few journals as backup so you still have scope if your manuscript is rejected by any of the shortlisted journals.

For availing our Journal Selection Services

you can send us your original manuscript and any comments received by any reviewers in the past. In case you ever faced a rejection, you can share that with us so we can find a proper publication for you. Write an email to our service managers to know about the rates, time required, and process for this service. As we work with the motive of helping you get your paper published, we will scan the best of journals with related or similar publications and advise you according to the worth a journal can give to your paper. This can save you from a lot of trouble in finding and comparing various journals on multiple criteria. Choose our Journal Selection Services and stay relaxed while we explore the best options for you.

Our Price Chart

Have a look at ELK’s surge pricing and deadlines.

Word Count Deadline price
0-4000 2 business day $110
4001-8000 4 business day $200
8001-12000 4-10 business day $390
Above-120001 On Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our experts can help you choose suitable journal that publishes medical paper. We ensure that the journal we suggest align with the objective of your study.

We will suggest two to three relevant journals. We will also keep you informed about the pros & cons of each journal suggested.

We can understand, it can be quite nerve-wracking when to get back saying that guaranteed. In our experience, it varies by the field of study midst of journal review times. Ideally, it takes around 3 months.

To know more about our services and operations, navigate through our website or simply send us an email at Our representatives will be happy to assist you with your query and provide the required information.