Multiple Round Editing Services

What is Multiple Round Editing?

It is often experienced that each time you see your own drafted document, you detect a new error or inappropriate phrase that you feel like amending. Because of this reason, it is always better to give multiple readings to your text before it is submitted. Same goes for your hard-written manuscript that needs multiple edits before it is sent for the final review by journal publishers.

Several rounds of editing and improvisation increase the chances of your paper's acceptance by the targeted journal while guaranteeing to strengthen its prose, making it seamless and publishable. When your manuscript goes through this process, it is called multiple round editing or MRE. When you take our professional multiple round editing services, it ensures the quality of your content by eliminating every error of language and format in your work.

This service ensures editing on the following fronts and more:

  • Language: We check the grammar, spellings, and typographical errors. We also make corrections in the sentence structure and mend incorrect word usage. We ensure that your language is formal, rich, and scholarly.
  • Structure/organization: We also work on the structure of your document so its content makes the right corrections throughout. We organize your content logically and meaningfully.
  • Citation/referencing style: It is highly important to use the correct style of citation or referencing. Thus, we follow the style that your chosen journal has given in its guidelines. We keep the style or format uniform throughout your document.
  • Fact checking: Under our MRE services, we also check the validity of information in your document. We ensure that your information is original and reliable.
  • Format: We look at various aspects of formatting and make it consistent throughout.

How MRE Works?

Our MRE or multiple round editing services encompass the continuous support of our editors in the process of content enhancement from varying facets. The process begins once you submit your document to us and we provide you inputs regarding the required alterations. You can subsequently review the same, incorporate changes, and forward it to your journal's review committee. If the committee adds some further comments in the edited file, then you can resubmit your work to us for a second revision.

Through this editing cycle, your targeted journal's guidelines are ensured to be met while your paper is also revised according to the defined writing format and style. Our MRE services save your time during resubmission and give you a more polished manuscript. With the addition of unique elements in your paper, you can raise its chances of approval. We assure to deliver your work timely and keep all your information secure and confidential. To receive any further details on this service, you may write to us at