Multiple Round Proofreading

The content of your research paper is of most concern. You prepare your final draft, spend a few minutes in its proofreading, and send it for review to your committee members. The initial submission is hardly the final one in most cases, reason being the wrong format, incorrect style, insufficient references, or language errors. You instigate the needful changes in a hurry to meet the approaching submission deadline and resubmit it. Your paper is likely to get rejected again. This time, probably because of the content errors.

How to Prevent Frequent Rejections

The above chain of paper 'Rejection with Changes' might carry on with different journal editors and reviewers. However, all through such process of alterations, you can ensure to keep your content flawless with our multiple round proofreading services. Our aim with multiple round proofreading services is to save your time in checking your content each time you are prompted to modify your manuscript. You can send the corrected document to our experienced proofreaders before every resubmission.

What Our Proofreaders Ensure

Our service would allow you to avail the multiple series of grammar and language corrections by our skilled and dedicated professionals. They ensure to keep an eye on the misspelt and redundant words, typographical errors, inconsistency in technical terminology, and page layout and spacing errors. It is not just about correcting your paper format, but also about mending your work on basic language aspects. Our proofreaders ensure that all the basic errors of grammar, spellings, or punctuations are corrected before you resubmit your work.

They also address such issues that are pointed our specifically by a journal editor or reviewer. If you have received any comments related to basic language or format use, then inform our professionals before the start working on your paper. They will keep a special eye on such issues. Else, our proofreaders always make sure that your paper is free from every single linguistic or formatting mistake that may have been left in your work due to neglect or unawareness.

Through this service, you are spared from making additional efforts and giving a
lot of time to your manuscript repeatedly.

However, please note that this service does not address structural weakness or factual mistakes in your paper. If you need us to work on improving the organization, clarity, and structure of your content, then please check our multiple round editing services. To know more about our multiple round proofreading services, write to us at