Peer Review Services

How Peer Review Services Help You

A preliminary review of impartial nature done by a peer reviewer can assess the real caliber of your research. Peer reviewers follow such a format of reading that any reader with only the basic knowledge of a subject area will follow. However, a reader may not even know the background of your research work.

These reviewers are usually subject matter experts who are able to comment on whether your research paper (in part or full) and your findings are useful to your academic domain or not. They have ample experience in your academic field and can provide relevant inputs for the betterment of your paper. This factor makes it all the more essential to get paper peer review services.

Where to Find Help and What to Expect

For an author, it can be a big question to find relevant peer review services. However, you do not need to bother seeking an answer to this question, as ELK Scientific Editing enables you to join hands with the reviewers who carry great knowledge and experience. If your manuscript is ready for submission but you are still not feeling confident enough and require final recommendations on it, then our peer review services can definitely help you.

At ELK Scientific Editing

At ELK Scientific Editing, our reviewers go into the depths of your work and view it from varied angles so they can suggest improvements that you can make, if required. They evaluate your paper’s development and research quality, as well as suitability for a chosen journal. They also check your methodology to ensure that it sufficiently justifies your objective.

Our Reviewers

Our reviewers even check the accuracy of your design and testing of data so they can assess the accuracy of your derived findings. If you approach them, then they make sure that your work is aptly supported by theories and models. Your research paper is holistically judged to see whether any scope of modification exists. We will even ensure that your work complies with every style and format guideline a journal recommends.

The Process Our Peer Review Services Involve

  • Our reviewers assess your paper based on an academic overview. Moreover, they give suggestions for the improvement of your research paper. The evaluation is done on parameters like factual accuracy, grammar, vocabulary, structure and presentation, relevance of data analysis, and experimental outcomes. Our reviewers also explain the reasons and objective behind their feedback.
  • We follow the double blinding referencing pattern, thus making our process transparent and dependable. To avail our service, you just need to login and send your research papers with the existing supporting documents and any past feedback from any editors.
  • The next step we take is of identifying a peer reviewer who has experience in your subject area and send your documents to him/her. The peer review report is delivered within the timeframe mentioned by our client.

With us, you do not need to worry about timely paper submission.

You should also feel secure about the confidentiality of your data and information shared with us. We never share your data with any third party. To avail our services, go to our login page or call our service managers to get a custom quote and to know about the turnaround time required for peer review as per the length of your paper. You may also write to us with any queries at

Our Price Chart

Have a look at ELK’s surge pricing and deadlines.

Word Count Deadline price
0-4000 2 business day $110
4001-8000 4 business day $200
8001-12000 4-10 business day $390
Above-120001 On Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it helps you to understand the bond between writing and the coursework in many ways that to overlook. It forces to engage with writing and encourages critical thinking skills.

We do lend to the subject matter expertise in finding and then within the timeframe the reviewer delivers to client as mentioned.

Yes. as you login to the account that preoccupies your credentials, you get a custom section to chat with reviewer.

To know more about our services and operations, navigate through our website or simply send us an email at Our representatives will be happy to assist you with your query and provide the required information.