Research Paper Proofreading Services

Is Proofreading Essential?

"Prevention is better than cure." This proverb proves itself right whenever it comes to taking a step that involves great efforts in accomplishing high standards. Proofreading resolves the minute concerns, which a paper or article might have pertaining to its language or format, before it is submitted to a publication. The journals and publications have proofreaders for screening an article intensively while taking a note of every word and figure, hence assuring complete accuracy of it. There may be increased chances of paper acceptance by journals once its proofreading is done in advance.

The Advantages of Our Research Paper Proofreading Services

A pool of proofreaders is associated with ELK Scientific Editing. Our proofreaders have tremendous experience of working with leading journal publications and university press houses. They are well versed in their academic fields, which is the reason they have an idea of the kinds of mistakes authors can make. Hence, they can help them achieve perfection that the editors of various journals seek. Our proofreaders help by being an intermediary between your draft paper and the final product ready for submission.

Following are some of the major points we consider and correct while proofreading your paper:

  • Spacing between words, sentences, and paragraphs
  • Punctuation symbols like commas, quotation marks, colons, etc.
  • Citation or referencing style
  • Spelling and typographical errors
  • Basic grammatical errors
  • Numeric and non-numeric data
  • Numbering, bulleting, and sequential presentation of data, including images, tables, illustrations, graphs, and modules
  • Indentation, spacing, and margins
  • Headings and sub-headings
  • Headers and footers
  • Layout of paper in a structured way, chapter-wise and section-wise
  • Other formatting errors that could introduce inconsistency
By catering to these features, we ensure that the final document is free from flaws and is ready to be submitted. However, our proofreading is not limited to the mentioned criteria. We eliminate every single mistake that may be present in your work. We perform proofreading after considering all the guidelines of style or format that your chosen journal may have recommended. It is highly essential to comply with each guidelines if you have to get your paper approved, as non-compliance is a major cause of rejection in many cases.

How Our Research Paper Proofreading Service differs from editing

Most of the scholars find it confusing between editing and proofreading.

Many are not even sure which service they should go for. Let us clarify that our Research Paper Proofreading Service is more suitable for authors who may not have serious errors in their work. Such authors usually have a good command on the native language and writing styles. Thus, their work may only have some basic errors caused due to neglect or ignorance. This is where our Research Paper Proofreading Services can comes handy.

On the other hand, we recommend editing services when authors lack the knowledge of citation formats and do not have English as their strong point. In such cases, they may require us to make substantial corrections that can mend the structure of their content and make it meaningful, logical, clear, and impressive. Thus, we work on the way the language is presented and add value to it. Our editing services can make important changes in the way the content is written. However, we do not alter the desired meaning of an idea or argument anywhere in a paper.

If you feel our proofreading services will be more useful for you

then our professional proofreaders can help you in a timely manner. They will give you a flawless paper after proofreading it word by word. You can send us your draft here, along with any reviewer feedback you may have and the date for submission of your paper. We will provide you a proofread paper that has high chances of being accepted in the first go. Our services are cost-effective and affordable for all. You may go to our login page for finding out how much your paper proofreading task will cost. If you still have any query that we have not addressed here, then please write to us at