Response Letter Edit Services

It is not uncommon to receive comments from the peer reviewers of a journal. It is common to identify problems and require changes before publication. While you may go mad when you receive your paper back for improvement, you must maintain your cool while responding to the comments of reviewers. You need to understand that it is a requirement to make your work foolproof when you are going to reach a large audience. Our editors feel that an author is required to be confident and efficient while preparing the response letter that will be sent to the editor/peer reviewers of the targeted journal.

Our Step-wise Editing Process

Considering this requirement, we offer our Response Letter Edit Services that improve the tone and language in your response letter. A response letter should be free from any immaterial facts that might not have a direct or an indirect relation to the specific research area. It should be crisp, diligent, and transparent. ELK Scientific Editing knows the significance of a response letter in getting a manuscript accepted. Therefore, we designed Manuscript Check Services and Response Letter Edit Services.

We follow the below-mentioned criteria while editing a response letter:

  • Ensuring that the process of making changes, after the comments have been given, is duly done
  • Addressing each query or doubt in the minds of reviewers, according to what is shared by them in their comments
  • Inclusion of the inputs given by the editors in the form of results of experiments; ensuring that all requested analyses or experiments are performed; if the requested analyses are not done, then ensuring that the reason is justified in a polite manner
  • Ensuring that all the suggestions are accepted in a courteous way; even if one has some objection or disagreement, it is raised in a courteous manner
  • Checking that all the revisions are described in the response letter
  • Ensuring that the letter is explanatory enough to convey the differences in the changes made; highlighting the changes made (Changes could be anything from just a change of color/font to the deletion or addition of the portions that you wish to remove or add respectively.)
  • Changing the font type of color to differentiate between responses and comments and highlighting the major revisions
  • Clarifying all the points with proper citations
  • Making sure that a cover letter is clear, original, and factual

The Importance of Timely Response

The deadline is a crucial factor that needs to be taken care of. It must be ensured that the prescribed time is adhered to while responding to the reviewers. While placing your order, do highlight the turnaround time for the completion of your job. Along with that, the following supporting documents should also be sent:

  • The original document drafted by you
  • Any particular instructions if you want to share
  • The letter details from the journal editor
  • Feedback received from any previous reviewers
  • The draft you have prepared for your response letter

Additionally, mail to us any other supporting documents that you wish us to consider while checking your response letter. Take the best decision by choosing our expert Response Letter Edit Services well in time. You can also talk to us by emailing at

Our Price Chart

Have a look at ELK’s surge pricing and deadlines.

Word Count Deadline price
0-4000 2 business day $110
4001-8000 4 business day $200
8001-12000 4-10 business day $390
Above-120001 On Request

Frequently Asked Questions

ELK editing services knows the significance of a response letter be accepted. So, it should exclude the immaterial facts and most important, it should be crisp, diligent and transparent. Have a glimpse of our service editors.

Yes. we can do that. Our editors feel that authors need to be confident and efficient in making a response letter. We can help you prepare a response letters.

We have certain deadlines that go within the letters that required. In general, we can deliver you by 2 - 4 business days.

To know more about our services and operations, navigate through our website or simply send us an email at Our representatives will be happy to assist you with your query and provide the required information.