Cover Letter

A crisp, yet appealing cover letter is a prerequisite for submitting your manuscript to a journal. The convincing power is the defining factor of a cover letter document. Some journal publishers provide a sample layout to adopt while preparing this document.The basic objective of a cover letter document is to market your manuscript to the publishers. And with the growing demand for publication space

It is essential to adhere to the basic guidelines stated below:

  • A cover letter must include the article title
  • Journal's name
  • Authors' full name including corresponding authors
  • Correspondence details of all authors
  • Details of the number of figures, graphs and tables used
  • Reasons for why you manuscript is of interest to the journal
  • Your research questions and major results

Along with a statement that the manuscript is not submitted to any other journal for consideration, you must also confirm that the manuscript has not been published before. Before submitting, ensure that your research objectives meet the ethical guidelines thereby meeting the legal requirements of the study country.