Which is better for your thesis: Editor or Peer Reviewer?

Editor Review process: Coordinated by the editorial office, it starts with the receipt of the submission of the manuscript. The editor examines each of the submissions and decides whether they fit the quality to be incorporated in the journal. Some o ..Read More

Write in Your Own Voice - The Key to a Successful PhD Research

Writing a research manuscript is not the simplest thing for sure. Having drafted some part of it, you will find yourself struggling to organise your thoughts in a simpler form. All the ideas that you would be researching and writing would come t ..Read More

Plagiarism Offence: Here is How You Can Avoid It

Plagiarism or academic dishonesty is common in the PhD world. Many scholars represent someone's ideas as their own original ideas. Plagiarism can throw you out of a research centre and revoke your degree. You know that as long as the idea is not ..Read More

Disadvantages of using statistical software tools

Every technology or a new invention has its own advantages and disadvantages. While advantages can be quickly understood and utilized, disadvantages cannot be found initially but can observed over a period of time. The same is with the software tools ..Read More

When Manuscript Translators Become Manuscript Editors

One of the questions that many students have with regard to their projects is whether those who give them translation assistance can also edit their reports. This is especially true for students who are from non-English speaking countries and they co ..Read More


What role does values play in the research process has become a topic of concern? The following are the areas around which the ethical issues revolve: How should the people be treated on whom the research is conducted? Should such activities be ..Read More


It is case study analysis that aims to produce an in-depth examination of a single case in regard to which they engage in a theoretical analysis. The main issue in which the researcher engages is the quality of the theoretical reasoning. However, ..Read More

Getting the most from your reading

A great amount of time is devoted to reading lot of literature during the early stages of research work. Therefore, while reading the existing literature the researcher should try to do the following: The researcher should try to take good notes i ..Read More

Scientific Writing - How to Write the Cover Letter of a Scientific Research Paper

You would need to have interesting and new results to write about in order to publish a scientific research paper. However, this is not enough. You would have to write a convincing cover letter and address it to the editor of the journal to which you ..Read More

The Excellence of the Sustainability of Journal Articles

Journal articles are best supported by profound research and extensive studies. Research entails discovering new technologies, understanding the breakthroughs and making new findings. Studies will only help to lay emphasis on those findings for a bet ..Read More

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