Implications of research in the 21st century and building competencies

The drastic changes in the global environment aggravated by technological advancements in collecting data, its analysis and dissemination suggest that researchers need to enlarge their scope of capabilities in order to design, implement and interpret ..Read More

Polishing your prose through expert editing

Errors in a document distract the meaning of the content, leading to ambiguity in the minds of the readers. Editing is thus an essential tool that eliminates all the inaccuracies and diversions from the context enabling a smooth flow of meaning. It i ..Read More

Fair Use in Scientific Editing of Manuscripts

Often, many libraries and scientific publications cite “fair use” in order to prevent any copyright violations from occurring. Fair use that has been dealt in the Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law expects libraries as well as scientif ..Read More

Types of descriptive research designs

Designing a research project is an elaborate task, wherein you have to take into account several factors like the aim or objective of the study and subject domain. The main elements of a research design comprise the broad methodology, methods used fo ..Read More

Role of online databases for research

Technology transition from print media to digital technology has been helping students, scholars and teachers for their research and teaching purposes. Online databases have been playing a vital role helping students deliver newsbreaking research wor ..Read More

Reasons for rejection of a journal article

One of the biggest setbacks for young authors is the non-acceptance of their research papers by a journal publishing house. But it is perhaps something that is common to every single academician. Although this may not be comforting, it is important t ..Read More

Research Methodologies: An Essential Tool for Investigation

“Research” the name itself suggests that any result is concluded only after a thorough search and assuring the result through repetitive searches on any issue.  Research work is defined as writing a detailed description about any top ..Read More

Purview and Purpose of Peer Review

All research papers have to go through a rigorous process of review before getting published. Since all publications resort to independent peer review, having your paper reviewed beforehand by experienced peer review experts will make your journey to ..Read More

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Journal Article?

Generally it sounds very simple that you just have to frame a topic, do some homework on it and have to structure an article, but it is not at all a child’s game in actual. You need to focus on many key areas, pay attention to every small detai ..Read More

Writing a Poetry analysis? - These tips will help you!

Do you need to write a poetry analysis and are confused where to start? Do not worry! Read on these crucial tips that will help you in writing a poetry analysis. Decipher the meaning of the poem Question yourself what the poetry is like. As you ..Read More

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